Welcome to the Athens (OH) Branch of AAUW!

Welcome to the AAUW Athens branch’s Site Resources website. Please also check out our other website at www.ohio.edu/aauw.

The Athens branch is relatively small, but we have big plans for this coming year. Together with Ohio University, the branch will host Tech Savvy, a STEM career conference day for middle school girls and their parents, on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

More information about Tech Savvy is available on our Tech Savvy page. Information can also be found at www.ohio.edu/aauw. The cost of attendance (1 student plus 1 accompanying adult) will be $5, which includes lunch, snacks, a t-shirt, and parking.

Tech Savvy is open to girls in grades 6-9 from Southeast Ohio and the surrounding area.

AAUW Athens supports educational opportunities for women and girls through two different scholarships. Middle school girls may apply for assistance to attend Be WISE Camp. The Edith A. Wray scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate from Athens County who is attending Ohio University.

Please direct questions to our current branch president, Melanie Schori (ms335704@ohio.edu).